A bedroom is never complete without a bedhead. It doesn't matter how big or small the bed is, without a headboard or bedhead the room looks very bare. There are so many different styles of bedheads.  They come in many different shapes and can be made in any size. Our bedheads are either upholstered or cained.

A fully upholstered bedhead has a concealed frame which is then paddedn with premium foam then upholstered in fabric. Our bedhead frames are made out of solid hardwood as opposed to some manufacturers who use chip board or mdf. All our bedheads are hand made in Australia. We also manufacture bedheads which are fully padded but have an exposed frame. The exposed bedhead frames can be very modern or traditional and can be padded or cained. The bedheads with exposed frames are quite often painted to compliment the uphoplstery fabric.


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