A padded bedhead is has a layer of foam and then is covered in upholstery fabric. We only use top quality dense foam to pad our bedheads. This ensures a firm line, total comfort and stability. A solid wood bedhead without padding is no more comfortable than leaning up against a wall. Ofter walls are cold too so a padded bedhead adds more comfort and warmth to your bedroom.

Padded bedheads are available in different shapes and can be made to any size required. You can design your own shape be creative and choose your own fabric on your padded bedhead. Padded headboards can be buttoned or plain, with or without piping, or studding. 

We do a beautiful padded bedhead with a studded boarder which gives you a masculine appearance. There is no bedhead size or shape  that we cannot manufacture. We can coordinate you a custom bed valance to match your bedhead too. It is not hard to decorate a bedroom starting with a padded headboard. The bedhead is the starting point and it all falls into place from there.